Saturday, July 6, 2013

Toys Galore

I am so happy that Ate enjoys going to school!  I like how the school varies the school work and activities that they do that aims to develop a toddler's Motor and Cognitive Skills.

One of the activities that Ate does (and which I like, heehee) is puzzle sorting.  I want to buy Ate the same chunky wooden puzzles that the school uses.  I went to a couple of places and couldn't find something that I like.  So I went online and found them . . . and MORE!  I have opened several tabs already that I thought of putting all of them here, in a blog post . . . so I can refer back to them conveniently in the future!  And most especially, to help Moms (like me) who are also searching all over for Educational toys.

I like how some of these websites are designed in such a way that it helps you go through the products easily and in an organized way (because it can be overwhelming with the wide range of toys they have!) because you can shop by age or by the toys' categories (e.g. wooden toys, puzzles, arts and crafts, etc.).

Here are some websites which you can go to:  

Educational Toys USA - I call it a one stop toy shop since this site carries different brands like Leap Frog, Melissa and Doug, Educo, Hape

Fine Wooden Toys - carries different brands too

Voila Toys - A toy manufacturing company based in Thailand and distributes worldwide.  To know if they have distributors in your respective country, please click on the sites's "Where to Buy" tab. 

In the Philippines, you may go to Toys R' Us, Hobbes and Landes (A toy land for both kids and adults!) and Mindwerks, the Toy Shoppe (Please click on their link for more details) 

Clever Cats International Company - a local company that carries International toy brands and sells online. 

Hope this post helps!

Have a nice weekend ahead!

As for me, I'll probably be staying away from the mall. . . .because after all the surfing and looking through these sites, it feels like I just went Malling the whole day!  Nah, my feet don't hurt, my eyes do!  Haha!

Who says online shopping isn't tiring?!  

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