Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Food Tripping Sunday

I am sure that all of us look forward to weekends!  It is a chance to rest and recharge, a time to go out and eat, or catch up with friends or family. . . and that's what my sister and I and our cousin A did last Sunday.  Ate joined in the fun too! =)

There are several restaurants in Angeles City (which is about 15 kms away from our city) which we've been meaning to try so it took us some time to decide where. (Women!)  So after deliberating (we take our food seriously, haha!), we opted to go to CISAN'S which serves Thai food.

Photo was taken in dark lighting as it was taken when we were about to leave 

I love the restaurant's colors, the simple and modern interiors, and its bright atmosphere! =)

Since we got there late in the afternoon, we just ordered pica-pica.

Left to right (clockwise) - Fresh Spring Rolls (Php 195), Prawn Cakes (Php 295), 
Pad Thai (Php 275) and Chicken Satay (Php 225)

Everything was good.  I enjoyed the Chicken Satay (it was tender, juicy and flavorful) and Pad Thai (okay there are better Pad Thais I've tasted and I know this looks simple BUT I actually enjoyed eating it!  Haha!) the most!  I could have enjoyed the Spring Rolls more if the dip that came with it was the vinegary and sweetish type of dip I usually get in a Vietnamese restaurant (I know, but I was in a Thai restaurant, haha!).  This came with a peanut sauce dip, the same dip used for the Chicken satay.  And my least favorite was the Prawn Cakes.  They weren't bad, they were actually full of shrimp flavor but they were  a tad too toasted.

Overall, I am happy to have found a place near us that can satisfy our Thai food cravings.  We loved the food, the place, service was okay.  We will definitely go back and actually, I already know what to order in our next visit!  Heehee

I have to say though that they have a limited menu (like they don't even have the Thai staples like Pineapple Fried Rice or Chicken Pandan!) and I hope they can add more items in it.   

As for dessert, we saved some room for it!  We always do!  Haha!  For dessert, we already know where to go . . . CIOCCOLO!  We had a good Caramel Macchiato (we like it better than Starbucks!) and our forever favorite Ferrero Cake!  (This cake is Perfection!)

Layers of sinful  goodness - Chocolate cake, Chocolate fudge and Chocolate Mousse

It was indeed a filling Sunday!  One that is filled with good food and fun company. . . a good way to cap our weekend!  Until our next foodie adventure!

Nepo Quad, Angeles City

Royal Garden Estate,
Friendship Circumferential Road
Angeles City


Anonymous said...

it actually serves thai and asian cuisine. not purely thai. :)

Ana said...

Thank you for dropping by Ms./Mr. Anonymous =) Have to visit Cisan's again to explore! =)

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