Monday, February 24, 2014

My Fridate! =)

Last Friday was one of the best Fridays I had!  All because I had a one-one date with the Princess which started at her school.  

The Princess had a Skills Demo Program that afternoon.  When I saw her name in the Programme (she was assigned to do Reading, Numeracy and Puzzle Solving/Sorting), I'm the one who had butterflies in the stomach, haha!

She was asked to match the head and the body part of the animals.

The kids were asked to pick the picture that represents the word.

First, she had to sort the pegs according to colors.
Then she was asked to count for a particular color
and pick the number for that color!

Have I told you that she is just in PRE-NURSERY?!  All I remember doing in my Nursery class was eating and sleeping after Recess!   Haha!

By the way, that's her "game face" on!  She is serious (and quite timid) when she is with other people.  I know her face doesn't show it (haha!) but  she really enjoys going to school.

She did a really good job that my heart swells with pride! =)   

After school, we celebrated and capped our Friday with some comfort food from Shakey's!

Because the Princess wanted to eat Chicken gravy!

And I missed eating this classic pizza (Shakey's Special)!

No trace of her "game face" haha!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and may this week be amazing for you! =)

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