Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stop Yelling!

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This is what I've been telling myself these past few days. . . .

I just find myself yelling at Ate these past few days.  I yelled at her yesterday when she didn't want to brush her teeth.  I yelled more when she started crying.  I raised my voice again this morning when she didn't want to eat her breakfast. . . and those times she spilled something on the floor or wiped her paint-covered fingers on the clean bed sheets.        

Why was I yelling?  Because I thought I can have my way if I did, that I can show her who is in charge.  Or because it's the easiest thing to do when you get frustrated (because I don't know what she wants)  . . . or because I was just too tired and didn't have the energy to handle her at that moment. 

What did I get out of it?  Nothing!  

And I felt like the worst mother in the world!  

I feel guilty after I tell her off.  I've seem to forgotten that I am dealing with a toddler who is naturally active and inquisitive and who can't fully express herself yet.  

So no more yelling, I will stop, I will change, I will be better in handling and understanding my toddler.  Oh yes, Parenthood is a continuous learning process.

As I am typing this, Ate is beside me and wants to play with the keyboard.  

I was about to . . . so I am stopping myself, I am biting my tongue.

And I know. . . that it's time to end this post.  Haha!

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