Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shoe Shopping

As they say, Sharing is Caring . . . so I'm going to share with you where I got a good pair of comfortable flats (at a reasonable price) which have become my favorite pair (there's actually more than a pair now, heehee)!

I found them in Payless!  Buying shoes in Payless is actually a hit or miss.  But I am so, so happy and thankful that we have a winner here!  

This is the first pair I got --- Women's Claire Scrunch Flat Dexflex by Dexter

Image from

It was love at first try!

That I just have to get a second pair, haha!
Image from

And since I couldn't get enough of them, I bought two more pairs online and had them shipped to Hubby, who brought them back home for me.
Image from

Image from

If you love flats like me, you should try this pair.  There are also other shoe styles from the Dexflex line in Payless.  I suggest that you try whatever Dexflex pair you can find because this particular line just spells comfort!

Happy Shoe Shopping!

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