Saturday, September 21, 2013


I love reading.  I don't know what was the last book I read (heehee, but I want to start reading books again!) but I just got myself a few magazines recently, haha!  

Earlier this evening, as I plopped myself down on the bed, Ate saw me bringing a Yummy mag and one of her books. She said "booook".  So I handed her the ABC book but she said "booook" again and was pointing to my Yummy magazine.

So I gave her the food mag and as she was flipping through the pages, I heard her say  "Fiiishh" and I looked at what she was pointing, she was pointing at a bangus (milkfish).  I actually tried using a Woman's magazine before (not the Cosmopolitan kind!) to teach her about colors and words too!  Thanks to Preview magazine, she learned the words "shoes", "bag" and "watch", Haha!  

So yes, (in my experience) I can say that magazines can help build-up a toddler's vocabulary too, heehee.  

By the way, Yummy's September issue is a good one.  They have recipes for Filipino dishes and I found some articles that are helpful---like what to do with leftover Adobo and another one which features recipes where you can use tinapang bangus (smoked milkfish).  

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