Thursday, September 12, 2013

NOMNOMNOM (A Long Food Post!)

AS I've mentioned in an earlier post, Hubby came home for a 3 week vacation.  And when you're on vacation, Food is right there in the equation!

Here are some eats which we enjoyed . . .

(Warning: Reading this post may result to sudden cravings, haha!)

1. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Roast Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli
I am not a CBTL fan (I have my personal faves for my coffee drinks and pastries in other coffee shops) BUT I would go back to CBTL for this!  I know, this looks simple but it's actually good and flavorful (garlic + creamy white sauce = love)

2. Fely J's (Greenbelt 5 in Makati)
There is no way that Hubby won't have his share of local food (meaning cholesterol laden food, haha!) when he's home so went to to Fely J's in Greenbelt and enjoyed the following . . .

Crispy Pata 
Fely J's Crispy Pata is one of the better ones we had.  But if you want to know which Crispy Pata tops our list. . . it is still the one being served in Blanvil!  Blanvil is a simple restaurant which was previously located at an apartment building along Alfaro St in Salcedo Village, Makati.  I know they moved to the Ground Level of the LPL Center in Leviste St (near the Makati Sports Club).  I hope it's still around!

We ordered this because it's one of the few things that Ate eats.

Gule Magalang
The owner of Fely J has Capampangan roots (like me).  "Gule" means Vegetable and I assume that he is from Magalang, one of the towns in the province of Pampanga.  I was telling Hubby that we actually cook something like this at home. . .the same reason why I will not order it.  Actually, we ordered another vegetable dish but our waitress had our order wrong.  But it's okay, Hubby and I actually liked it!  This dish exceeded my expectations.  

 3. Yellow Cab

My Ultimate Fave!  I was telling Hubby that in my book, Yellow Cab's NY Finest is the best pizza!!!  He said that I only say that because I haven't really tasted an authentic New York pizza.  Well Hun, we should do something about that . . . let's go to NY!!!  Haha! 

New York's Finest

Fleet Starters - Hot Wings, Oven-baked potato wedges and Tortilla chips
with Salsa and Garlic Ranch Dips 

4. Tempura Japanese Grill

Tori Karaage
It reminds me of a Jollibee fried chicken because of its crispiness (not the taste).  I love that it comes with a curry gravy sauce!  (Curry lover here!)

Dynamite Ebi Roll (comes in 8 pcs)
A roll that consists of Tempura, Kani Stick and asparagus topped with slivers of Mango, Tobiko and drizzled with Japanese mayo =) (Arrrgghh!!! Now I'm craving!)

Writing a food post close to midnight is not a good idea!  Hahaha!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post . . . as much as we enjoyed eating!

Weekend is here . . . that means Cheat days are here!  Heehee . . .   

Ready to go food tripping?!

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