Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy 6th!

I can't believe it's February already!  Where did January go?! 

Since February is known to be a Love month, my first post for this month is all about Love! 

February is one of my favorite months because is also our Anniversary month . . . both as boyfriend-girlfriend (we don't really celebrate it though) and as husband and wife.  This year is our sixth year together as a married couple (but we've been in each other's throats . . .ehrmm, I mean lives--- haha! for 14 years).  

By the way, did you know that for the Anniversary gifts, there is a list for traditional AND modern! For the 6th year, traditional items are candy/iron and for modern, it's wood.

I've been making anniversary posts every year since I started blogging.  (You can read the first one here). 

For this year's Anniverary post, I thought of sharing with you some wedding photos from that special day and the stories that come with it.

A part of our wedding invitation . . .

The design for our rings was chosen by Hubby but I had to send back mine because . . . I thought it needed a little more oomph, haha! 

The person who made Hubby's barong was a tailor from Batangas (I came to know about him from an online community for brides) and goes to Manila weekly to meet his clients.  Since he doesn't have a place of business in the city, we met him at a food court in one of the malls!  The sight of him taking hubby's measurements in the food court still makes me laugh to this day.  He is such a nice and simple man and I hate that I forgot his name! (Blame it on my Mommy brain, teehee)  But let me tell you, the Barong was superbly done, wouldn't have it any other way!  

For my bouquet, I knew exactly what I wanted.  I wanted it to be all white and I wanted Stargazer Lilies.  

Weeks leading up to the big day, I have repeatedly told myself that I won't cry when I walk down the aisle.  Well, I did a good job!  There were no tears!  Do not underestimate the power of the mind, haha!  A friend described me as the giddiest bride she ever saw.

And the groom was his usual self. . . just cool . . . happy and cool. . .

And I think my parents were just happy to give me away, haha! (If your daughter is 34 years old, wouldn't you be jumping over the moon?!  Haha!)

But you know, deep in my Daddy's heart, I'll always be his little girl. . . 

This is how he really feels, haha!

One of the things I told Hubby before the wedding was when the "you may kiss the bride" part comes, after he lifts my veil, he should fix it and and make sure that it won't cover my face, haha!  

This was me reminding him about that, haha!

If there's one thing I wish I did, I wish we practiced our wedding kiss!  

There is a funny story about this family picture below.

This photo was taken before the Reception.  When the photographer said, "let's take a family picture", we were all calling each other to take their places and all.  And then we realized, Hubby was there on the side, quietly waiting to be called, hahaha!  We sort of forgot that he is also in the room, haha!     

During the Reception, Hubby and I struggled to cut the cake.  We really did!  We spent a good few minutes slicing through the cake.  I completely forgot about the one inch styropor base in the cake (which the baker reminded me about). 

I thought that there won't be any crying/drama at all but I was wrong. . . hahaha!

There were a few tears here and there. . .

I can't really remember what I said at the end of the Programme (I have to watch our wedding video again, haha!) but there is one thing I clearly remember until this day.  

I remember telling my Husband that . . . 

"I'm glad it was you. . ." 

Happy Anniversary Huney!  Thank you for the love (that grows) and for keeping your promise. Thank you for still making me feel beautiful (even with the extra pounds, haha!)  Thank you for taking good care of me (and the kids) and thank you for spoiling me (and the kids) in your own way.  
You are a good husband and a good father who just makes us happy.  I couldn't ask for anything more!  Each year just gets better.  

I love you Hun. . . 

Photos by: Mimi and Karl

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