Tuesday, February 24, 2015

L.A. Eats: Burgers!

When I hear or see the words "American Food", the first thing that comes to my mind is. . . hamburgers!  I am not really into burgers.  I would choose eating something else over a burger.  But sometimes, I get that craving for this "American Food".  Living in LA means we are surrounded by this comfort food (there is something comforting about eating one right?).  We don't really eat hamburgers regularly because Hubby still wants his rice and ulam (dish)!  Haha!  But there are times (like watching Guy Fieri's Triple D Show in Food Network!) that we let ourselves give in to this ... high calorie food! (There, I said it!  Calories! Ugh! Haha! But hey, as they say, YOLO!) 

And I would like to share with you a couple of those which we had.

WARNING: This post is not for VEGETARIANS! =)

My first trip to the  US was when I visited Hubby in LA in 2008.  My American boss told me to make sure I get an In-N-Out Burger (which started in California) and in his own words, "it has to be a DOUBLE-DOUBLE!"

And this is what he was talking about . . .

Double cheese, double patties

It has also been said that In N Out has a "secret menu" --- which the fast food chain said is not really a secret.  It is just their way of making their customers happy by making their burgers (and fries) how they like it.  (Here is an article I read which shows that In N Out stays true to that) 

So in a recent trip to In-N-Out, I asked Hubby to get one of their popular items in their their "secret" menu.  The Animal Fries. . .
French Fries topped with
melted cheese, grilled onions and their house sauce which is like a thousand island dressing

It was nice having this burger again (after 6 years) because it reminded me of my first trip to the US!

It is good . . . but I have a favorite burger. . .  and it is from . . . Five Guys!  

Bacon Cheeseburger

You know I love it when I make it the biggest picture in this post, haha!

Fun Fact:  In 2009, Pres. Obama stopped to get lunch at a Five Guys Restaurant in DC and ordered a cheeseburger with jalapenos, mustard, tomatoes and lettuce. =)  (It's in You Tube!)

It is more expensive than In-n-Out (twice as much) BUT for me, the burger is juicier, tastier and it just tastes more fresh! 

Plus you get free, unlimited roasted peanuts which you can enjoy while waiting for your burger. =)

And their fries?  Love them!  I like them thick-cut.

I am not a hamburger expert and I know there are more (like MOOORRE) burgers out there waiting to be tasted but for now, I am just happy with my Five Guys.  Their burger just puts me in a good mood!  (Hun, you know what to do now)

Looking at these photos just made me hungry!  I think I'm going to have one this week!  Haha!

What is your favorite burger?

For more details about In-N-Out and their other locations, please click on this link.

Fore more details about Five Guys, please click here.

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