Friday, February 20, 2015

L.A. Eats: Zankou Chicken

My Hubby is not the flowers kind of guy. . . at all!  And after being together for thirteen years, I've learned to live with it, haha!  And I am saying that wholeheartedly.  He is a man of few words too so yes, his language of love is Actions.  As I've said in an earlier post, he spoils me in his own way like driving 24 miles just so I can satisfy my food craving (if you're wondering if I'm pregnant.  . I'm not!).  So yes, he spoiled me today!

I had a bad headache yesterday so I didn't eat much (which is actually a good thing, haha!) So today, I had a sudden craving for Zankou Chicken!  Zankou Chicken is famous for its Rotisserie Chicken and serves Mediterranean food.  

As far as I know, Zankou Chicken is only available in California.  (If I don't have the right info, please leave a comment so I can update this post).  I've been visiting in LA since 2009 (moved to this city last May) and I just learned about Zankou last year. . . .from a friend who lives in Las Vegas! Haha!  (And I'm the one from LA!  Thanks again M!)

This is my personal fave . . . the Chicken Kabob Plate which came with Hummus (one of the better ones I've tried).  

I've read somewhere that if it is your first time to eat in Zankou, you have to get their Rotisserie Chicken which the NY Times said and I quote. . ."the greatest chicken ever."

While it's not our first time to eat in Zankou, it is our first time to order their Rotisserie chicken which was soooo good and moist!  Hubby ordered a quarter piece (which came smaller than what we are used to haha) BUT the flavor definitely made up for it!  (Note to self --- order half chicken next time, haha!)  

Pardon the half-eaten leg bone .... Hubby was excited to eat that he dug into it already!

They also  have good (really good) pita bread which were soft and does not taste floury.  You know what I love best?  It's their special garlic sauce/spread (which has a paste-like consistency)!  It's so garlicky good that you won't have problems dealing with ehrrmmm vampires?  But it may be a problem with your partner, haha!  I had to get some coffee after eating!  (My dad said coffee is a good cure for garlic breath, it works for me).

Don't forget the garlic sauce/spread!

We also ordered their Shish Kabob wrap which we haven't eaten yet because we are just too full.  Having the garlic sauce to go with this wrap, I am sure it's going to be good too.

I love everything in the menu!  Haha!  If you go to LA and you're coming up with your list for places to go and things to eat, I would recommend including Zankou chicken in your list! =)

For more details about Zankou and their other locations, please click here.

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