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Bangkok Adventure: Our Hotel - Amari Watergate Bangkok

Hellooooo!!!!  Wowww, can you believe that the year is halfway over?!!!  

Pardon (again!) for the lack of posts since the last one I put up in April.   Things just got busIER leading up to our Princess' last day in school (second week of June). . . leading to our vacation in PHILIPPINES!!! Yep, we went back home for vacation!  Woohoo!  

But I am actually writing this post. . . jetlagged!  Yes, we are back in LA (we arrived last Sunday) and our bodies' rhythm are still in the Pacific time.  So why not turn this jet lag thing into something productive right?!  We even did a grocery run to Walmart at 10pm last night! Haha. . . 

Going back to our family vacation, our itinerary also included a trip to the land of Smiles. . . Bangkok, Thailand!  

We went to Bangkok with my Mom and my sister.  So in picking our choice for our hotel accommodations, we definitely considered my Mom and the 2 kids because we knew they would probably be spending half of the time at the hotel.   We just want to make sure that they would have a comfortable and relaxing place to stay (while we go out shopping, haha!).

Our home away from home was the Amari Watergate Bangkok.  (I have to specify that this is located in Petchburi Road because there are other Amari properties in Bangkok) My sister had several choices for our accommodations but all I can say is she did a good job picking this one!  She picked this one because it is reasonably priced for a 5 star hotel.  Comparing the prices and the other hotels (some are 3 and 4 star hotels), there is just a minimal price difference (around US$40 during our time of booking) which we think is totally worth it.

Since we had some questions and requests (e.g. connecting rooms, airport transfers), my sister just booked our accommodations directly with the hotel.  One thing that I love about them is they reply within an hour in all of our online inquiries.  (It's a good sign right?! Haha)  

We knew it's going to be a great hotel when you step into something like this . . . 

The hotel smelled like a spa (honestly)!

We also appreciate that a hotel staff personally welcomed us by the door and checked us in.  While filling up the forms, they also gave us this . . . 

Cold towels and cold water (it was  refreshingly sweet and was infused with lemongrass)

It was so hot and humid in Bangkok that this little boy did this, haha!

The hotel doesn't have connecting rooms but they were able to give us two rooms that are only a room apart.

The room and bathroom are nice and spacious, the beds and pillows are comfy, fast wi-fi. . . I can stay in this room the whole day!  But one can't really do that because the next best thing about this hotel is its location!  It is located directly across the Platinum Mall (which is one of the popular shopping places to go to in Bangkok, one trip is not enough!) and near the Pratunam Market.   The hotel is also surrounded by everything you might need (Fast food, Money changers, 7-11s and in case you are asking, yes, there is a Starbucks nearby, haha).  There are also night markets across the hotel (Palladium and Platinum) which are not that big but are good enough to go to start your shopping experience (spree! haha) in Bangkok. 

We weren't able to explore the hotel that much but we know that there is a spa, gym and the kids enjoyed the pool. 

There is a part of the pool for toddlers/babies where the water is just 1 foot deep.

We also tried their Breakfast Buffet and there was a lot!  

Kind of overwhelming, haha . . .

But as long as there is bread and cheese. . . I am a happy camper!

This hotel would have been perfect if only there is a train station near the hotel (and better Concierge staff).  Transportation is not a problem though because taxis and tuk-tuks are readily available in the area.  The nearest station to the hotel is probably Chit Lom which is a 20 min walk to the hotel.  

Hubby was able to do this (during his Me-time, yep, he had one) and he said that it was a good walk since there was an elevated walkway, he didn't have to go down and walk through the street. The walkway also connects to several department stores and hotels.

We really had an amazing time in our trip!  Considering we were there for 5 days and 4 nights, we still needed more time to explore, taste and see Bangkok!  

And it goes without saying that Amari Watergate will always be our chosen home in this city!

Amari Watergate Bangkok
847 Petchburi Road, Thanon Phaya Thai
Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
Phone +662 653 9000

Please click on this link to go to their website.

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