Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bangkok Adventure: T & K Seafood Restaurant

I could have called it a "MISadventure" but I would rather look it as a blessing in disguise because something came good out of this adventure, haha. 

So we (Hubby, me and my sister) thought of going to Bangkok's Chinatown's Night Market hoping to do some shopping and food tripping.  We took a cab from the hotel and got off in Yaowarat Road (home to Bangkok's Chinatown) and just started walking.  We passed by lots of street food stalls (one stall who sells buns even had a super long, crazy queue!  Parang sa concert lang promise) and restaurants.  We were almost at the end of the road and yet, we couldn't see anyone selling anything! Haha!  So here's a travel tip for you. . . Bangkok's Chinatown doesn't have a Night Market, it is all about food!

(For a list of  Bangkok's Night Markets, please click here to read.)

So before heading back to the hotel, we thought of grabbing something to eat but we don't have any idea where.  So we just went with the flow. . . literally.  

We just chanced upon this frenzied place which seemed to be a popular choice judging from the people who were eating and waiting for a table.  It was a full house!  There was dining "al fresco" and they also have an air-conditioned restaurant.  

Yes, it's a busy restaurant!

We got seated at the second level of the restaurant (it has 3 floors).  It is a narrow building so this is how our dining room inside looks like . . .

We were actually seated at the back of the guy in white shirt.  Too close for comfort in a way, haha! We also enjoyed a brief conversation with the group beside us (the guy in blue shirt wearing glasses) who were from Singapore.  They told us that they always come to eat in this restaurant whenever they go to Bangkok.  

There was a lot to choose from!  Their menu has a good range of seafood choices which include Fish, Prawns, Squid, Oyster, Mussels, Shellfish, Crabs and they have Vegetables and Noodles too.  We weren't super hungry (I wish we were so we could have ordered more! lol) so we just ordered the following:

It may look simple but it is tasty.

Fried Squid with Garlic and Pepper - Meh, we should have ordered something else.

Deep fried White Snapper in Tamarind flavored soup

This is a Shrimp Dish, sorry I forgot what the name is.  But this was clearly our favorite!
It is one of those dishes where you would say, sauce pa lang ulam na!

If you are a seafood lover and also in a seafood diet (where you eat everything you "sea", haha), I recommend this restaurant.

Going to Chinatown for food tripping is always a good idea! =)

Got the details for T & K Seafood Restuarant from their FB page

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