Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year Makeover

Happy New Year!!!

I know this greeting came in  more than a week late but as they say, better late than never! (heehee) 

I was supposed to put up another post where I am to write about how my 2015 went but as I start to look back at the past year, it gets the better of me and I start becoming emotional  (my father passed away last April).  I will probably still write that post but I don't want my first blog post this year to be sappy.

It is nice to start the New Year with a grateful heart, lots of positivity, hope and laughter. 

New Year for each one of us would mean different things.  But I think one thing that all of us can agree on is it means changes. . .including makeovers, haha!

Our little big boy (he is 2 years and 10  months now) is due for a haircut and I thought of getting a new hairstyle for him (AND I have another reason which you will find out later). 

For inspiration for his new look, I just have somebody in mind! 

Photo source

This adorable young boy is Ryker, one of two boys of Colette Wixom whose IG account (ministylehacker) I have been following since last year.  I don't actually remember how I came across it but I remember loving this little boy's look!  

Her account became popular because she posts photos of her 2 boys who mimic male fashion models and celebrities.  Plus we get to have a stylist for free, hahaha! 

If you have boys, her posts can inspire your boys' looks!

Photo source

Cuteness overload right?!

Back when we were still in Philippines, we have a go-to barber.  But now that we are in LA, our little boy gets his haircut where I get mine (read: beauty salon).  So this is the other reason why I want to get him a new look.


It's okay, you can laugh at him, we did! Haha!  He does remind you of Jim Carrey from "Dumb and Dumber" right?!

It's time to look for a barber shop!  We yelped for one but when we were on our way, we happened to pass by this barbershop which didn't look busy (there was only 1 person waiting) and went to this place instead.

I know I said it wasn't busy but we still waited for 30 minutes.  I didn't mind waiting because I saw how they work.  I like that they do NOT rush.  

Here is our little man (in his barber's chair) who managed to sit down all by himself (no tablet or candy needed).

Goes without saying that we just found the barber for him!  Thank you Troy!

I think one of the best feelings in the world is. . . .getting a haircut you really want and love! =)

It's true what they say. . . The hair is our crowning glory! =)

Uptown Barbers
7028 Greenleaf Ave
Ste H
WhittierCA 90602
Tel No. (562) 696-0406
Close on Sundays

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