Thursday, January 21, 2016

DIY No-Sew Jedi Costume

We are invited for a couple of birthday parties this weekend.  One of them has a Star Wars theme where guests are encouraged to dress up as a Jedi or a Sith.

The kids are going as Jedis . . . .because they already have lightsabers on hand, haha!

So I went online and googled for Star Wars costumes (and there are A LOT!) and came across  a photo which stood out because of the words printed on it: EASY and NO-SEW! (with emphasis on the NO SEW!  Haha)  And for a mom who is not artsy and crafty and not really good in DIY, this is heaven-sent!

Thank you you to Debra of the Housewife Eclectic blog for coming up with this brilliant costume!  For her complete post on how to do it, please click on this link.  

Here is my take on a Jedi Costume . . . 

I just bought the fabric (white for the top and brown for the belt) and black leggings.  Our princess just wore her long sleeved white shirt underneath the costume.  And I'm glad that she already has a pair of brown boots which went really well with the "Jedi look".  

I am so, so happy that everything tied together!

I know it's just January . . . but I guess I'm ready for Halloween!  Haha!

Our little Jedi in training!

Yes, this No-sew costume really works!  All I can say is. . . it is not a Jedi mind trick! =)

And we're all set for the party now, woohoo! =)

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