Tuesday, March 3, 2015

L.A. Eats: Boudin SF

There are so many food combinations out there that are popular which we love such as:  Burger and Fries, Fish and Chips, Spaghetti and Meatballs.  There are also sweet treats that we like to combine like  Peanut Butter and Jelly , Oreos and Milk!  And the list goes on and on. . . 

You know what is one of my favorite food combination?  It's Pancit Canton (or Bihon) with toasted bread on the side.  I know, carbs with carbs!!!  Haha!  But you know what makes this perfect and special?  It reminds me of the merienda (snacks) that my parents and I have every afternoon at home. It is amazing how food brings comfort and . . . heals homesickness. 

Okay, so this is not meant to be a sappy post, haha!  So I am going to share with you another food combination which I love. . . Grilled Cheese and Chili!!!

We were at the mall and we couldn't decide what to eat for lunch.  So for a change, we thought of grabbing some sandwiches!  This is something we don't usually do.    We don't consider sandwiches as lunch! Haha! Filipinos need to eat something filling. . . like rice!  

We saw Boudin SF (an original San Francisco bakery) and thought of trying it because we weren't able to do so the first time we came across it (when we had a day trip to San Francisco a few years ago).  

As expected, the place's menu consists mostly of soup, sandwiches and salad which I don't mind because it has enough good choices.  

For the Princess, we ordered Grilled Cheese (which she didn't finish) and I added a cup of Beef Chili to go with it (for me and Hubby, haha!)

Grilled Cheese and Beef Chilli

My favorite part in eating this plate of combo. . .when I dunk that crusty, cheesy bread into that hot, flavorful chili!  I can put this down as a comfort food. =)

We also loved their Asian Chicken Salad, the dressing was good.

For myself, I ordered a Turkey and Havarti Cheese Sandwich which was ok, nothing great but still ok. 

Half of the whole sandwich - was so hungry I ate first before taking photos, haha!

And my man had to have his meat, so I got him a California Baguette Burger which he liked.

Half of Hubby's sandwich

It was not our typical lunch but I actually enjoyed it!  I would go back again to try the other items in their menu like their Clam Chowder which is served in a sourdough bowl.  Yum!

The weather today is so chilly that eating soup tonight sounds like a good idea!

I guess I'll be cooking some Chicken Tinola (A Filipino dish cooked with chicken in a ginger-based soup) for dinner!  

Well, that . . . and rice! Haha!

For more details about Boudin SF, please visit their website.

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