Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kitchen Tested: Blueberry Loaf Recipe

After I found my favorite banana loaf recipe (which I blogged about here), I've kind of stopped baking cupcakes because it is easier and faster to bake a loaf than cupcakes!  All you have to do is pour your batter in a pan. . . and it makes cleaning up easier, haha!

After bananas, my next favorite thing in cupcakes (or loaves) is blueberry.  I have tried a recipe before but I knew there are better recipes out there.  With so many recipes online, picking one to try ain't going to be that easy.  Do you know how I pick my recipes?  I google (Google does make life easier) for an image!  I pick a photo which I like, then I go to the site and read the recipe. Yes, I do it in reverse, teehee.

This was the image (from I liked best because it looked simple, soft and moist.  

The recipe from Food Babbles is actually a recipe for a Lemon Blueberry Loaf.  I had all the ingredients except for fresh blueberries and lemon.  So I used canned blueberries (which worked well) and skipped the lemon zest.  (I have lemons but I wasn't sure if zest from a shriveled lemon would taste ok).  The recipe also includes a lemon glaze which I don't mind skipping because I am not really fond of glaze.  

You know that something good will come out of the oven when your kitchen smells like a bakery! 

Because I used bigger loaf pans, my two loaves came out one-inch high haha!  I should have just used one loaf pan.

The canned blueberries worked out well though the next time I do this, I am going to be ready!  I will use fresh ones!

It was everything I expected, soft and moist.  It was not too sweet!  I guess because I didn't put the glaze on it.  If you don't have a sweet tooth, this is for you!  I think the lemon glaze wasn't a bad idea, haha!

Next time I do this, either I add more sugar (it doesn't need a lot though) or put the glaze.

If you are looking for a simple baking recipe to try, this is worth trying.

For the complete recipe, please click this link to go to Food Babbles's site.

Happy Baking!

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