Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Trip to the Grand Central Market

I'm still here!!!!  Haha!  I know, I know, I've been blogging irregularly (again!) but I'm glad I was able to post one today!  Woohoo!  There are so many topics I've listed down, photos I want to share with you. . . which I will!  I guess I just have to be better in managing everything in my plate!  (Read: be more organized! Haha!)  I won't promise anymore but I will really try my best to blog regularly.

Thank you for sticking around and I hope you enjoy reading this post! =)


I've been visiting Hubby in LA since 2008 and haven't been (nor heard) about the Grand Central Market. . . until I watched an episode of "NCIS: Los Angeles"!  (Yes, you can learn a thing or two from watching TV shows! teehee)

The Grand Central Market is located at Downtown LA (which is probably at least 20 miles away from us).  The only time we go to Downtown is when we have some personal business to attend to or to have lunch in Chinatown.  I guess we just added another reason then, haha!

Grand Central Market is the oldest public market in LA which started operating in 1917.  It occupies the ground floor of the Homer Laughlin Building.  This building is also known as the first earthquake and fire free building in LA. (Thanks Wiki!)

The market isn't really that big but it has enough stalls where you can buy things like fresh produce, spices, nuts and candies.  There's even a liquor store!  It has more food vendors actually which makes this place a foodie's haven.  (For a complete list of the vendors and more details about GCM, please click here.)

Here are some photos I took of the market:

A few tables were set up along the street as well

Food stalls range from cheap Mexican food (there are several of them) 

There's one stall which (I read) serves good  Pupusas (a Salvadoran food made of corn tortilla
with different kinds of fillings)

To hip eats like Wexler's (Bagels with cream cheese and smoked lox?!)

Cool graffiti adorn Wexler's stall

And Eggslut (where the line gets crazy! )

And if you're a cheese lover, there's DTLA Cheese for you.

Cheese Heaven!

Other food vendors I saw include a woodfired pizzeria, German sausages, Texas BBQ and there's even a newly opened stall which offers Oysters!

There are also local food artisans which offer unique and high quality organic products like:

Better Booch which makes Kombucha tea (a fermented drink made of tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast). 

Going around the market and taking some photos sparked some appetite (Haha!) so here are some of the things we Hubby and I tried.

We had a double patty burger from Belcampo Meat Co.  Their patties are made of organic grass-fed meat which makes this burger. . . .Yummm! 

We also had Tacos from Tumbra Tacos a Tomas ---- which was filled with so much meat!  I found it it underseasoned though. 

Another thing I enjoyed is the Spicy Drunken Noodles from Sticky Rice!

We had a lot but I made sure I saved some space for some dessert from McConnell's!

There were a lot of flavors to choose from!  Two flavors that stood out for me were the Turkish Coffee and the Eureka Lemon and Marionberries (so refreshing!)

By the way, McConnell's one scoop of ice cream actually consists of two scoops so you can actually have two different flavors!

But the coffee lover in me said I had to have two scoops of the Turkish Coffee, haha!  

I'm glad I did!  

It was indeed one fun and filling afternoon with Hubby and the kids! 

It's been a month now since we went to the Grand Central Market (Yep, that says how long this has been sitting in my draft folder, haha!) so I think it's time to take another trip to Downtown LA because there are more things to explore and more food to try!    

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