Saturday, November 15, 2014

She said what?

We were at a clothing store last Sunday to buy some long sleeve PJs for the kids since the weather is getting cooler.  So while I was looking around, our 3 1/2 year old Princess did too and helped herself, got a pair of pink pants and said, "Mama, I like pink. . . HOT pink!"  

Yes, you are never too young to learn about HOT pink! I had to correct her though.  

This is baby pink!  Haha!

Since we moved to LA last May, this little girl has become more articulate.  I've even heard her use some of these phrases:

What's up with that?!
What in the world?!
What in the whiskers?! (I know, whiskers?!)
Oh dear  (and she just sounded like a grown up. . . an old one! Haha!)

One time, she did something and wanted to say "sorry" to me . . .
She said: "Sorry man

The other time, we were about to leave the house and she wanted me and her Papa to hurry up so . . .
She said: "Come on guys!"

As they say kids say the darndest things.

Well, they also say the funniest things..

She left the room and left her toys around so Hubby cleaned up.  When she came back and saw the clean room. . .
She said: "Papa, why you clean up? I like kalat! (kalat is the Filipino term for "mess")
Oh nooooo . . .

Last night, whe was pretending to go to class and I was her teacher. . . 
She said::  Good morning Teacher!
Me: Good Morning Princess!  Did you do your homework?  Let's try to count okay.
She (starts counting): One. . . .Two . . . Three. . .  GOODBYE Teacher! 
Where is that little girl who likes going to school?! Haha! 

The other night, I haven't taken a bath and it's getting late.
She said: "Mama, take a bath.  It's sleeping time!"  
I swear, somewhere inside of her is a grown up, haha!

And kids say the sweetest, melts-the-heart things too.
There was one time when she just suddenly told me . . .
"Mama, you are my best friend!"
Awwww, sniff. . . sniff. . . 
I hope she'll say the same thing when she grows up! 

And kids are honest too.

One night,while she was combing her Dad's hair
She said: Papa, you don't have hair.  Mama has lots of hair!"

Sorry Huney, that was just really funny!  It's one of my faves!  Haha!

Hope this post has brighten up your day just as it brightened mine.  Just spreading some good laughs to brighten up this cold and sort of gray day here in LA. =)

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