Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Perfect Brownie. . . Mix!

I like Ghirardelli Chocolates so when I saw a Ghirardelli Brownie Mix during a trip to LA a couple of years back, I just had to try it!  And this brownie mix didn't disappoint at all!  

Now that we're back, I got a box and some nuts when we were at the grocery a few weeks ago and just kept everything at the pantry . . . for emergency . . . just in case cravings for a chewy brownie set in!  Heehee
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I know that baking from scratch is the best way to go. . . I'm not a good baker so I'm just being ummm . . . realistic, haha!  But I would love to try baking brownies from scratch one of these days.

Baking brownies from this box is so easy. . . I just needed eggs, oil and water to go with the brownie mix and added some walnuts for texture (I can't decide between macadamia and walnuts so Zola's Dad just decided for me, haha!  Walnuts then!  Note to self. . . look for a recipe where Macadamias would be great.)

And after some waiting (20-30 minutes). . . we got some nice looking brownies!

Chocolatey and ooohhh so chewy . . . .

They are good to eat as they are . . . and for a more special treat, I'm thinking of a brownie ala mode!
So if you're looking for the perfect brownie. . . okay, I mean the perfect brownie mix, try Ghirardelli. =)

Happy Baking!

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