Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coffee Talk

We went to McDonalds for breakfast the other day.  I like going to this particular branch near our place . . . you know why?  Because I always see a group of Filipino retirees who hang out in this happy place and seeing them just kind of brings me closer to home. 

You will see them having their coffee, playing chess, chit-chatting and there are times that they would even debate!  Haha!  They talk about a wide range of topics ranging from their families to politics, mortgage and loans to medical insurance, etc.  It's like listening to a radio's AM station!   Haha!  Not that we're eavesdropping but  one can't help but overhear what they are talking about.

And the funniest thing Zola's Dad ever heard. . . it is NOT their plans on getting a funeral lot (because this is something all of us would do at one point) but. . . what food they are going to serve AFTER their funeral!  Hahaha!  Talk about being organized and planning ahead. . . . waaayyy ahead!  Or it's just the Filipinos' penchant for getting together and having good food! =)

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