Saturday, August 15, 2015

Starstruck in LAX

Hello Blog and Hello dear Readers (aka my family and friends, haha!)!  I've missed you!!!

Things have been hectic since my last post.  Had some things to do and settle, errands to run, managed to take a trip to Singapore with the family and now, guess what. . . we're back to our second home, LA! (I call it our second home because Philippines will always be our first home)  

It has been two weeks now and we are slowly getting into our rhythm.  There are still 2 boxes left unpacked but those can wait (heehee).

We took a 1AM flight from Clark (this international airport was near our city) which had an 8 hr layover (I know, 8 hours!) in Incheon Airport (Seoul, Korea) and then the travel time from from Seoul to LA was less than 12 hours.  Having two toddlers on a long haul trip isn't easy but I'm glad the kids were manageable (meaning I didn't have a meltdown, haha) during the trip.  

Do you know what was the highlight of our trip?

It happened in LAX! (getting giddy again just thinking about it!)

I got . . . .STARSTRUCK!

Image from

When I see paparazzi photos of Hollywood stars taken in LAX, I always wonder why I don't get the chance to see them in the airport considering I've been going to LA since 2008.  Tough luck I guess!

Oh but wait, there was one time!  I saw Mr. Big. . . Carey's Mr. Big!  I remember seeing him wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt, a far cry from his character in Sex in the City!  Haha!  

Well what do you know, my luck has changed!

After we got our luggages from the carousel, we were about to go through Customs when a lady from the airport told us to take the "Special Lane".   I guess seeing a couple, with a toddler and another one sleeping in the stroller managing 2 carts (we had 5 luggages) qualifies you to go in the special lane, haha!  She saw me pushing a cart and hubby pushing another one PLUS a stroller at the same time.

So I was walking with our little Princess and Hubby was behind us when he called me.  So I turned around and saw a ground stewardess (I think) in red (my best guess, she was from Cathay Pacific) ushering a lady who I though looked like Angelina Jolie. . . 

I continued walking and felt I had to turn around again, haha!

OMG. .. . it was ANGELINA JOLIE!!!  

What made me sure that it was her?  She was with a young man and recognized him as one of her adopted children (not sure if he was Maddox or Pax),

I am sorry. . . I have no pictures!  Starstruck!

But she wore a brown trench coat similar to the one pictured below, with her hair neatly tied back in a pony tail and was wearing brown Aviator-like sunglasses.

Image from

After a few steps, I turned around (again! haha) and saw the stewardess pushing our stroller which made it easier for Hubby.  As hubby told me later on, he had a 3 second moment with Angelina Jolie, hahaha! She told him and I quote "Let her help you" . . .yes, she volunteered the stewardess to help us.

Having a family of her own and travelling with 6 kids all the time, I think she knows that it's not easy, haha!

So I stepped aside, waited for Hubby and let them pass through first (they were in a rush), thanked her and gave her a smile.

I found her prettier in person.  Her aura exudes a sense of inner peace and calmness.  She radiates such grace and kindness and THAT to me, makes her more beautiful.  

Thank you Ms. Jolie for the kindness and the patience you have shown our family.  I will always remember it.

By the way. . .

Which do you think is cooler . . . Brad Pitt being there or Angelina Jolie pushing our stroller? 


In my dreams. . . 

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