Friday, May 2, 2014

Glad about Gavino's

I've seen a friend's Instagram post about Gavino's Donuts and got curious about these flower-shaped Japanese doughnuts.  (What is a Japanese doughnut??)    Truth be told, I haven't seen any branch of Gavino's. . . not until we saw their booth in SM Clark yesterday!  

I wanted to try the doughnuts but changed my mind when I saw these yummy looking sweet treats called Mochi Balls.  But before I bought them, I had to make sure that they are doughnuts and NOT the sticky, chewy Mochi balls (made of glutinous rice) that we know, haha!  (Fact: I don't like eating food which has that kind of consistency, so yes, don't eat tikoy too)   

There is a good number of variety for the balls (like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Black Forest, there's even a Red Velvet!)  but I got these . . . 

Top Row (Left to Right) - Cream, Hazelnut, Venetian
Bottom Row (Left to Right) - Choco Lava, Almondo and Choco Lava (again! I just had to buy 2 of those, haha!) 

After the first bite, the first thing you would notice is the chewiness of the dough and I think this is what sets it apart from the other doughnut treats in the market.  I read in some blogs that in making these doughnuts, an ingredient which is used in making Mochis is also used in making the dough of the doughnuts.  That's what makes these treats chewy like mochi!  (chewy like Mochi, chewy like Mochi, chewy like Mochi. . .this can be a good tongue twister, haha!)    

Almondo - recommended by their staff - has a Bavarian cream which is not too sweet

For the Hazelnut ball, I wish it had a more intense Hazelnut taste (okay, I was hoping it would be like Nutella, haha!)  And my most favorite among the bunch. . . CHOCO  LAVAAA!!! Enough said, I'll let the photo below speak for itself! =)

After trying Gavino's Mochi Balls, all I can say is, I should have bought a box of their doughnuts too, haha! 

To know more about Gavino's Japanese Doughnuts (and their branches), please visit their website and FB page. =)

Happy Weekend! =)

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