Thursday, May 8, 2014

Inspiring Quote

I saw this quote while I was on the road . . .

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There was a new girl who joined our class (I think when we were in third or fourth Grade) who was shy and anxious because she didn't know anyone in class (most of us in class have been classmates since the first grade).  But we proved to be actually nice (hahaha!) that we developed our friendship until we graduated in High School.

The next time we saw each other was when we were already married (with our own kids) and when we were reminiscing about those days when were still in our pigtails, she told me about one classmate of ours who she will never forget (and she is till grateful about it) for her act of kindness. . . .all because this classmate talked to her when she was a newcomer in class!   And just like that, she felt better and felt that she belonged.  (So to that classmate of ours, thank you for representing the whole class, haha!)

An act of kindness doesn't have to be grand because even a small one goes a long way (as long as 30 years!).

Have a nice day ahead!

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