Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Asian Orlando Bloom

I caught a couple of episodes of "Rush Hour", a new TV series which is based on the popular film (with the same  name) starred by Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

While watching the pilot episode, the guy who plays Detective Lee (played by Jackie Chan in the film) looks oddly familiar and I couldn't really pinpoint where I've seen him.

Until one of the characters in the scene called him an Asian Orlando Bloom!

That was it!  He does remind me of Orlando Bloom!

*Photos are from the web


What do you think?!

So I went online and googled about this actor.

His name is Jon Foo.  He is an English actor, a Martial Artist and a stuntman.  He was born and raised in London and is of Chinese and Irish descent.

His most popular role was probably Jin Kazama in the film "Tekken".

To know more about him and his filmography, please click on this link.

If you are going to ask me about the show, it's just okay.  It can be better.  It actually had mixed reviews.

As for me, I don't mind watching it if it means getting a dose of Orlando Bloom-ish every week, haha!

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