Thursday, April 16, 2015

Summer Destination: Fontana Villas in Clark

I am writing this post from home. . . my first home!  Yes, we're back in Philippines for some vacation time!  I am very thankful to my loving husband who totally understands why I had to go back home (we just moved to LA last year) and see my family again.  We arrived a couple of weeks ago and we're leaving in a week! (I don't even want to think about it, I haven't looked at the calendar since we arrived, haha!)  There are just so many things we still want to do, places to go and people to meet up with!  *Sigh*

But I am soooo happy we're back and I want to share with you some of the things we've done these past few weeks starting with this post.

Growing up, one of the things my family loves to do is rent a place with a pool (because we  prefer a pool over a beach, haha) and spend the whole day swimming and eating!  

This summer, my sister thought of renting a Villa in Fontana Leisure Park which is located inside the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga.  Though this place is just around 35 kilometers away from us, this is our first time to visit and use the park's facilities and stayed overnight.

The Fontana Leisure Park sits on a really HUGE property and has a casino, a hotel, a golf course, several pools (they even have a wave pool) --- all of which we haven't tried because we just stayed at the villa, haha!  There are function rooms and there is a convention hall too.  For accommodations, they have the hotel rooms, villas and townhouses to choose from.  (For more details about Fontana, please click on this link.)

My sister booked our 3-room villa through Asiatravel.  When we were checking in around 2pm, the villa wasn't ready!  But we were cool about it though we haven't eaten lunch at this time, haha!

This was the Villa that welcomed us . . . 

As you enter the villa, you would see the Living and Dining Room.

I love that this place was spacious and clean!

The brown door in the above photo is a storage room and beside that is a bathroom and another  room with a single bed (for the house angels or drivers).

The Villa also has a kitchen that comes with a ref, electric kettle and single electric stove.  Btw, there is NO microwave oven, cooking utensils and cutlery in this kitchen.  If you plan to do some cooking, I suggest you bring what you will need.  This wasn't really a problem for us because we just went to SM Clark (located in Clark too) and bought food, haha! 

Hallway leading to the three bedrooms (they all come with bathrooms)  . . . 

These photos were taken the day after so pardon for the mess, heehee.

This was our room.  The lounge chair was perfect for the Princess, we didn't need an extra bed.

I wasn't able to take a photo of the Master's Bedroom but this was its bathroom, it was the only one with a tub.

And the kids' favorite area!

Just perfect for a cook out right?! =)

I love the layout of the villa because it maximizes all the space and still gives everyone so much space to go around!

For large groups, this kind of villa is a good and comfortable place to stay . . . and partehhh! =) 

You may find mixed reviews for Fontana online.  In our experience, we enjoyed our stay in this particular villa.

Hope you're enjoying your summer vacation as much as we do!

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