Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Life with Toddlers: Of Princesses and Witches

"Mama, pls. tell me a story".  

Our little girl loves it when I tell her fairy tale stories!  But sometimes, I am just so tired from doing things the whole day (I am a stay-at-home mom) that I am so sleepy even before THEIR bedtime! Haha!  But I do try my best to tell her one and I start my storytelling pretty good.  Then my eyes get heavy and I find myself switching characters from other fairy tales!  Cinderella becomes the girl who has seven dwarfs as friends and Rapunzel becomes the beautiful princess who fell asleep because she pricked her fingers, haha!

The other day, I wanted to make up for my sleeping beauty times that when she asked me for a story, I was ready!  I was excited. . .I was full of life!

She wanted to hear about the story of Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

Me: Once upon a time. . . 

As I went on, I asked her to help me with the characters.

Me: "So Ariel went to the ship and saw a handsome boy whose name is. . . 

Princess: "Papa!" (How sweet!) 

Me: This boy also has a pet dog.  What's the name of his dog?

Princess: :"Cobo" (his little brother---why am I not surprised? haha)

Then I reached the part of the story where Ariel went to see a witch because she wants to have feet to be with the boy he loves.  She has watched this Disney cartoon a million times that I'm kind of sure that she knows the witch's name (Ursula).

Image from www.praxistheatre.com

Me:  What is the name of the sea witch?

Princess: YOU!!!!

Me: Jaw drops

And she repeated it a few more times as I went on with the story!  

And it doesn't stop there.  Because apparently, I was also the Evil Queen in Snow White's story and I was Maleficent too when we were talking about Sleeping Beauty.  Well, she said so.

Is this payback time?! Haha!

So I am Mama, the sea witch, the evil queen!

But you know what, I am one witch that she loves to hold hands with, that she wants to sleep with, one that she can't stay away from! =)

And in the future, when she grows up, I am sure she's going to say the same thing. . . I am a witch and she would actually MEAN IT!  

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