Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I tried baking chocolate chip cookies once . . . and I failed!  They came out looking underbaked and got hard when they cooled down.  I don't know how we were able to finish that batch (or probably I threw them out?!  Haha!)  I know cookies are one of the easiest treats to bake but I was more successful with my muffins. . . . which were all that I baked since then, haha! 

I wanted to try baking cookies again but just like when your heart gets broken, you're scared of trying the second time because you're afraid that things won't work out (again).  But then a better person come along and gives you that happiness you've been looking for.  (Yes, I'm still talking about the cookies, haha!)

In this case, the better lover came from Sally's blog (  Since I have tried a couple of Sally's recipes, I thought I should try her Chocolate Chip cookie recipe!  And just like finding the right person,  everything felt right! =)

Love is sweeter the second time around . . . 

M&Ms for the Princess and Dark Choco chunks for me!

I was so, so happy with the recipe!  The only thing I will change when I bake the next batch is to use Semi-Sweet Choco Chips (I used milk chocolate).  There was one tip I got from Sally, you get a better flavor for your cookie when you chill the dough longer.

Oh and the good thing about this recipe. . . you don't need a mixer!

If you want to try this recipe, I suggest you head over to Sally's page for the recipe because she has a detailed post about the recipe that is worth reading.

If you like a chewy chocolate chip cookie, this recipe is for you!

Happy Baking!!!

Love at first bite =)

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