Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My First (Successful!) Chocolate Cupcake

March, I can't believe you are here!!!

I know this sounds cliche but . . . time really, REALLY flies so fast!  

And because I started February with a cake recipe, I thought of starting March with a sweet treat too . . . . Chocolate Cupcake with Milk Chocolate Frosting!!! 

I've tried making chocolate cupcakes before (once) but I wasn't too happy about the recipe.  The cupcakes tasted bland and were dry. 

Sometimes when you try a recipe and fail at it, you get discouraged and scared to try again.  (Parang love lang, haha!)

But then one day, you realize, you ought to give yourself another chance to try other recipes because there are better ones out there, you will find that ONE that would make you happy and make you say that you are glad to have tried again (yes, i'm still talking about cupcakes . . .and love I guess, haha).

There are so many recipes out there but I thought of trying one recipe by Aikko of Bake Happy simply because her blog post title had the following words. . .EASY to make and MOIST!  

Looking at the recipe, I wasn't sure at first because it doesn't have any eggs and butter!  I can't imagine baking something without those two ingredients!  But this recipe had mayonnaise and yogurt in it, which in my "not so expert" opinion replaces the butter and eggs and are the ingredients responsible for making the cupcake moist.  This recipe also got good reviews from Bake Happy's followers so I decided to go for it.

After seeing the batter, I had a good feeling about these cupcakes because the color of the  batter looked nice, haha!

And the cupcakes looked better compared to the first recipe I tried!

The cupcakes were moist and they tasted good (it didn't matter they don't have eggs and butter, haha) If you are a first time baker or if you are just looking for a simple cupcake recipe, I recommend this one.  Also, aren't you curious how cupcakes which have mayonnaise taste like?  =)

As for the chocolate frosting, the original recipe called for Malagos unsweetened chocolate.  I wanted to use the chocolate tablea discs I have but since toddlers have discerning tastes, I just made a Milk Chocolate Frosting (recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction).

And here's the tricky part (for me) . . . frosting the cupcakes!

Because I am not good at it!  So I just went to YouTube and just looked for a simple tutorial on how to frost cupcakes (using an icing spatula).

This is my best, haha. =)   I wish I had sprinkles!

But if there's one thing I love about having to frost a cupcake though . . . it is letting our Princess do her share and seeing her having a good time!

For the Chocolate Cupcake recipe, please click here.

For the Milk Chocolate frosting recipe, please click here.

Happy Baking!  

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