Thursday, November 26, 2015

Decorating with Pillows

As I've mentioned in an earlier post, things have been quite busy (and sometimes stressful!) since August because we were moving to our new home (which we did last October).

To celebrate our move, we thought of getting new sofa seats for the living room! (Nah, we really needed new ones)

Initially, I wanted a sofa that is cream or off-white in color (somewhere around that color palette) but then having two toddlers at home, ummm, it's probably not a good idea!  (Kids and anything that is white?  I don't think so, haha!)

So we got this charcoal-gray colored sofa set (which came with throw pillows already) and were lucky to have found a rug to go with it!  Best part of it, everything on this picture (except the accent chair) was on SALE! (Woohoo!  Don't you just love that 4-letter word?!)

After having the sofa set for a week (and STARING at it) I told hubby that I want. . . no,NEED some color!  Our living room just looked so sad (haha!) . . and gray (well, the seats ARE gray, haha!)

What is nice with gray is since it is a neutral color, it isn't hard to match it with any color.  I was thinking of coral, a summery kind of yellow or light blue but since we have a red entryway bench, we decided to stick with this color.

There are so many ways to introduce color in a living room.  You can do it through wall decors, table top accents, floor lamps, etc.  Since I DO NOT have an innate sense of creativity for interior design, I thought of doing the simplest thing I can do!  So for our living room's instant makeover (and to get that pop of color I was looking for), I just bought new throw pillows! 

BUT before I did that, I went online to get some tips on how to mix and match pillows.  I read some very useful tips from this site (Houzz) and went with . . . you guessed it right . . . the simplest one! Haha!  So I went to get a patterned pillow and mixed it with a solid one.  

These pillows didn't come from one store.  I was able to get this look after going to three stores!  Who said mixing pillows was easy?!  Haha!  It is . . . IF you have a natural knack for design!   

Thanks to these pillows, I am definitely happier with how things turned out.



And what is so nice with throw pillows is you can change them easily to go with season like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. or just because you feel like changing it, haha!

For the coming Holidays, I just changed one pillow and we are now ready for Christmas!

Our new home is still a work in progress but we are slowly making this house our home. =)  

And it is definitely one of the things we are thankful for this year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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