Saturday, October 24, 2015

Quickfix to untangle a doll's hair

"Mahangin ba sa labas? "

Directly translated, it means "is it windy outside?"

This was a line from a shampoo commercial which became so popular that Filipinos use it when they see someone having a bad hair day.  

And this is exactly the same thing I say when I see my daughter's dolls!  

Yes, Flulttershy is having a super bad hair day, haha!

It really doesn't bother me because I like my daughter to have fun with her dolls.  But one day, I couldn't take it anymore.  I think the doll was actually asking to be saved, haha!  

So I googled for a solution and found out that fabric softener can do wonders for a doll's untangled hair!  

It is easy as --- 

1. Dip your doll's hair to a cup of softener

2. Brush the doll's hair 

3. Rinse and brush some more

And Voila!!!

 Look who was happy with her makeover?! =)

Well, I think this pink-haired doll has a bigger smile these days, haha! 
You're welcome, Fluttershy!

 Okay, one down. . . . . and a LOT (like A LOT!) more to gooooo . . . .

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